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What Companies and Forms Do We Have for Our New Suite Xtreme Software?
Posted by Nicole Ocean on 24 August 2018 02:23 PM

Updated: 10/18/2018

Exciting News Y'All - Our Brand New Suite Xtreme Software is Now Available!

With the release of our brand new Suite Xtreme software, one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at the BPO Automation Group, is this: "What Companies Do We Have for the New Suite Xtreme (TM) Software?" So, we created a detailed list to help answer this great question, please see below for the full list! (Please note, you will need a subscription to our Xtreme software to be able to use these very powerful over 90% AutoFill macros. Also, we are adding new companies and forms every few days).

Here's a list of the 50+ different Xtreme AutoFill macros that we offer:

Altisource Vendorly

◦ iBPO Exterior

◦ iCMA Exterior

Asset Valuation (AVM)

◦ Drive By BPO no Style

◦ Drive By BPO with Style

Clear Capital

◦ V27

◦ V28

◦ V128

◦ V135

◦ V136

◦ V137

◦ V139

◦ V140

◦ V152

◦ V154

◦ V170

◦ V173

◦ V227

◦ V228

◦ V240

◦ V328

◦ V332

◦ V337

◦ V428

◦ V432

◦ V545

Computershare (Acuity)

◦ BPO Exterior Property Inspection

◦ BPO Exterior REO Xome

◦ BPO Exterior SLS

◦ BPO Interior SLS

First American AMP

◦ BPO Lite Exterior


◦ HomeTelos BPO

Inside Valution 

Residential Market Exterior


◦ CoreLogic Residential Property BPO

Pro Teck Valuation Services

ProTeck's Apollo Based BPO Forms

◦ Chase Exterior BPO

◦ Chase Interior BPO

◦ Exterior BPO

◦ Exterior Evaluation

◦ Exterior Valuation 3plus3 Comps

◦ Homesteps BPO Interior

◦ Interior BPO


◦ BPO Exterior


◦ Basic BPO Exterior

◦ BPO Bayview Custom Adj Exterior

◦ BPO Exterior US Bank

◦ CMA Plus BofA Non Distressed

◦ CMA Plus Citizens Bank Exterior

◦ CMA Plus Ditech

◦ CMA Plus OneWest Bank Exterior


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