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What Companies and Forms Do We Have for Our New Suite Xtreme™ Software?
Posted by Nicole Ocean on 24 August 2018 02:23 PM

Updated: 3/18/2019

Exciting News! - New Suite Xtreme™ Macros and Company Defaults Now Available!

With the release of our new Suite Xtreme™ software, one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at the BPO Automation Group, is this: "What companies do we have for the New BPO Automation Suite Xtreme software?"

So, we created a detailed list to help answer this great question, please see below for the current list and be sure to check back often!

Please note - You will need a subscription to our Xtreme software to be able to use these very powerful new Autofill macros so contact us if you'd like a demo or wish to upgrade your Suite Pro subscription. Also, we are continually adding new companies, forms and macros that can be downloaded anytime you like via the built-in Sync Tool with no form limits or restrictions!

Here's a list of the 75+ Xtreme AutoFill macros that are currently available:

Altisource Vendorly

◦ iBPO Exterior

◦ iCMA Exterior

Asset Valuation (AVM)

◦ Drive By BPO no Style

◦ Drive By BPO with Style

Assurant - Xome

◦ Form P Interior & Exterior

◦ Form X Interior & Exterior

Clear Capital

◦ V27

◦ V28

◦ V128

◦ V135

◦ V136

◦ V137

◦ V139

◦ V140

◦ V152

◦ V154

◦ V156

◦ V170

◦ V173

◦ V227

◦ V228

◦ V240

◦ V328

◦ V332

◦ V337

◦ V340

◦ V428

◦ V432

◦ V545

Computershare (Acuity)

◦ BPO Exterior Property Inspection

◦ BPO Exterior REO Xome

◦ BPO Exterior SLS

◦ BPO Interior REO Xome

◦ BPO Interior SLS

Financial Asset Services

◦ BPO Form 201

First American AMP

◦ BPO Lite Exterior


◦ HomeTelos BPO

Inside Valution

◦ Residential Market Exterior


◦ CoreLogic Residential Property BPO

Old Republic (Acuity)

◦ Freddie Mac BPO Exterior

◦ Shellpoint CMA Exterior

◦ Fidelity CMA Interior

Pro Teck Valuation Services

ProTeck's Apollo Based BPO Forms:

◦ Chase Exterior BPO

◦ Chase Interior BPO

◦ Exterior BPO

◦ Exterior Evaluation

◦ Exterior Valuation 3plus3 Comps

◦ FNCE Goldman Sachs 3plus3 Valuation

◦ Homesteps BPO Interior

◦ Interior BPO

◦ PTBPO Exterior

Pyramid REO

◦ MMR Form

◦ Listing Agent BPO

◦ Updated (Listing Agent) BPO

REM Corp

◦ Chase Residential BPO


◦ BPO Exterior


◦ Basic BPO Exterior

◦ BPO Bayview Exterior

◦ BPO Eval Exterior Wells Fargo REVS

◦ BPO Exterior Capital One

◦ BPO Exterior Civic FS

◦ BPO Exterior HSBC

◦ BPO Exterior Starwood

◦ BPO Exterior US Bank

◦ CMA Plus BofA Non Distressed

◦ CMA Plus Citizens Bank Exterior

◦ CMA Plus Ditech

◦ CMA Plus Goldman Sachs Exterior

◦ CMA Plus OneWest Bank Exterior

◦ PCR Plus Exterior

◦ Res Eval Exterior WF Home Equity

◦ Res Eval Interior WF Home Equity

Summit Valuation Solutions


Xome - See Assurant - Xome Above

Have Questions, suggestions or new macro requests? Submit a free tech ticket below (existing customers) or call us at: 1-833-BPO-LIFE (1-833-276-5433)

Click Here to Submit a Tech Support Ticket Now!

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